By the Bible – By the Scriptures

This church is under the unction of the Holy Spirit, by Jesus Christ, for God.

This church believes in the Trinity; God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This church believes Jesus was raised from the dead and He is coming back.

This church believes in everlasting life.

This church is organized in Christ for whosoever believes in Christ.

This church welcomes and embraces ALL mankind in agape love.

This church believes in all scriptures within the Holy Bible.

This church teaches the Old Testament and New Testament in the Holy Bible.

This church promotes Greater L.I.F.E. by Living in Integrity, Faith & Excellency.

This church sows every tithe and offering into ministry.

This church is a 501(c)(3); non-profit incorporation.

This church provides financial reports to its members, partners and government.

This church is a contemporary approach to traditional worship.

This church is not ashamed and is unapologetic for glorifying and praising God.

This church does not criticize, ostracize or chastise any person for praising God.

This church is punctual but under the total submission of the Holy Spirit.

This church is an oasis for opportunities and the path to a Greater L.I.F.E.