1 Corinthians 16:24


Thank you for your interest in Greater L.I.F.E. Christian Church. In the midst of a tumult society, God wants you to know that there is a Greater L.I.F.E.; it is available to ALL, accessible via the Gospel and attainable at this church. Pastor Gee

I humbly recognize that being chosen by God to serve as the pastor is indeed an awesome undertaking. Through Teachings, Travels, Trials and Tribulations, God has prepared me for this calling. This privilege is one that I have embraced reverently, for the sole purpose of doing His will.

As such, it should be duly noted that my desire is not for fame or fortune. In fact, the Holy Spirit has capped my salary at $1.00 per Sunday, for the next two years or until He appoints Elders that will say otherwise.

As you unite and/or partner with this church, do so with the full confidence of knowing that collectively, we are fervently Living in Integrity, Faith & Excellency. Compromising the scriptures is not and will not be an option. At this church, obeying the scriptures is the ONLY option.

Again, thank you for your interest. I enthusiastically await the opportunity to meet you!

Faithfully in Christ,

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Pastor Gee Thompson
Greater L.I.F.E. Christian Church
Tampa, Florida